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Indian Manufacturers & Exporters Directory

Are you experiencing difficulties in selling your products and services or you are looking for some platform from where you can buy particular products or services which are well aligned to your needs, then Businessimpex is the right solution to your every problem. We provide you the complete business information about the leading power presses manufacturers, fabric manufacturers in India and garments manufacturers India. Our website being the only one such place, where buyers and sellers are facilitated to share the common platform. So as to get maximum enquiries, postings are made by them for both kinds of offerings either to sell or buy. Our site instead of being just a routine site; is very informative resource to Indian industry database, which enables you to search for any such Indian company that sells those products, at the time of urgent need. Other than to company's name, crucial information like the current address of the store, contact number, number of stores located in India etc. too are provided, caring for your convenience. Powerful machines manufacturers like milling machine manufacturer, fasteners manufacturers in India, all post their ads on our site so as to get maximum inquiries.

It's very convenient method for business promotion. Businessimpex being largest exporters directory India accentuates everyone to visit our website so as to locate anything through our b2b directory India. Your posted leads increase your sales and also lighten your stress of where to buy the suitable products. We have complete data of almost all exporters in India. By browsing our Indian exporters directory, any of the country's exporters, whose manufactured material is exported all around the globe, can be easily located. So, we stand for enabling one to know the best Indian exporter whose products and services that anyone can enjoy sitting in any corner of the world. Our chemical manufacturers directory take you to the list of all manufacturers into various types of chemicals been used in medicines, creams and other products. We aim to provide you the important information required urgently.

We aim to minimize the kind of stress related to buying and selling of products and services. With our site's interactive database similar to yellow pages directory India, updated information relevant to your interests regarding the latest brand launches and exit of old brands from market, can smartly be attained.

What's all required is too simple –

  • Just creating an account on our site, that's too free of cost.
  • Then login to your new account.
  • Then post your ‘Buy' or ‘Sell' leads.
  • Finally, get to know the response i.e. the important information you are looking for.

You can get to know any information regarding any manufacturer whether they are textile machinery manufacturers or rubber manufacturers India within just few clicks of your mouse.

Lastly, another big benefit of our Indian manufacturers directory is that you can easily keep track on your competitors. With the new posts you can find out ‘who are the new competitors entering the market?'